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Item List

Silver, mirror, glue

Pinky Promise

Adriana Almeida Meza

Wood, brass, zirconia, paint, glow in the dark pigment - Brass, paint - Resin, Swarovski crystals

Rulex - Oyster, Chartier - Love, Fiffany & Co. - Knot

Stephie Morawetz

Paper from an original Tiffany & Co. bardboard box, silver (925/000), sealing wax

T. & Co. Reconstructed

Gina Nadine Müller

Reconstituted coral, European sand, steel, epoxide resin


Sharareh Aghaei

Steel, 14kt Gold,  Goldleaf, Stainless Steel

“Handle with Care” – Cullinan I and Koh-I-Noor

Julia Obermaier

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