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T. & Co. Reconstructed

Pins – First series: 1 box – 6 pins
Paper from an original Tiffany & Co. bardboard box, silver (925/000), sealing wax

Gina Nadine Müller

“Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude.” – Anticipation is the best joy.

(German saying)

Boxes are fascinating. They promise us something special, something valuable, which they are hiding inside: an object to make us happier. The more precious the box, the more we expect to receive.

If you cannot afford the actual product, how about the box? Boxes of famous brands are hot items on sales platforms, representing hopes and dreams through successful brand marketing.
30 - 40€ for an empty cardboard box - yes please!?

For this year's ASTONISH show -OUT OF THE BOX- I purchased some of the most iconic boxes, deconstructing and using them as a material to create something new. The jewellery box transforms into jewellery itself.

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