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“Handle with Care” – Cullinan I and Koh-I-Noor

Steel, 14kt Gold, Goldleaf, Stainless Steel

Julia Obermaier

Many diamonds carry with them legendary stories, as large diamonds, in particular, have endured for centuries due to their characteristics. Many of these very special and unique gemstones are today owned by royal dynasties. But these have often become owners given the unequal power relations of colonialism. In recent years the voices have grown louder and the demand has arisen that it is time to return these precious stones to their origins, from where they were taken.

And so here are the brooches, two empty boxes that each could hold one diamond specimen: "Cullinan I – The Great Star of Africa" or "KOH-I-NOOR – Mountain of Light". These boxes, specially made to fit these precious stones perfectly, with the coordinates of the origin on the front, are ready to be filled and start their journey home.

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