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Glitching background-02.png



Resin, silver and steel

Brooches and earrings


Photos by Nima Ashrafi

I am very tactile and I always seek to imbue what I do with my essence. You could ask me—how do you impregnate a technological system with your humanity?—. I think it is one of those things you experience when you are an artist, you shape yourself into objects, media, words, you infuse everything you touch with your ideas and your style. That is how I found my glitch, which is a software error and from which I also learned, to such an extent that I no longer see it as an error. And once I understood what I was doing, why it happened and what variables I used, I allowed myself to experiment and the results surprised me. No, I would not know how to answer to you, other than to tell you that experimenting and going through the uncertain creative process is what allows me to unfold myself in the objects I create.

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