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made by Julia Obermaier

Diamonds are often used as companions for important moments in life. Among other things, they are associated with aspects of preciousness, rarity, monetary value and uniqueness. But in times when imitations are taking more and more space, the question that arises is –  if you can see the differences between the natural and synthetic – can you spot THE RIGHT ONE?

In this box, you have one backside for the four containers. In each one, you have either a natural diamond, a synthetic diamond, a moissanit or a cubic zirconia in its centre. You need to decide every time which piece will be your companion for the day, without knowing which one you are wearing.  You need to make a new decision every day again and again. 

Choose your Right One!

Four Brooches, one Backside

Second Hand Natural Diamond, Synthetic Diamond, Moissanit, Cubic Zirkonia, Silver, Magnet - 2021

made by Julia, worn by Adriana.
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