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made by Sharareh Aghaei

Is heritage always something valuable? 
What if, what we leave after us does not fulfil the expectations of the inheritors? Or, they are not aligned with the prevailing values of our time? What if the right one for us, is wrong for others? 
For me when I entered the room for the first time, that was full of colorful synthetic stones which had been inherited, I had a very contradicting feeling, as this place was located in the heart of the natural gemstone world
The tension between the value of treasures inside this room and standards outside of it, in the real gem world was so strong that suddenly the seductive little gems became a bunch of worthless trash. Just because they were not the right ones. According to what the rulers of the gemstone world are saying.

What is the right one? Is it synthetic or natural?

THE RIGHT ONE - Heritage

Necklace - Brass, 18ct gold leaf, synthetic quartz, dopstick - 2021

made by Julia, worn by Adriana.
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