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Glitching background-02.png


Glitch Gems

Acryl glass, plastic and steel

Brooches and neckalaces


Photo by artist

AI, Virtual Reality, or Transhumanism often evoke fear in humans today. The rapid and seemingly uncontrollable development of the merger of technology and humans generates anxiety. This fear stems from the fear of the unknown, as the integration of technology and humanity evolves quickly and becomes complex. Virtuality represents an expansion of the senses and a new way of perception. With my series "Virtuality?" I aim to demonstrate that these advancements are merely stimulations of the senses and can be analogically created; the technology is simply an advanced tool. The intention is to alleviate fear. 

The first project in this series is "Glitch Gems," addressing the fear of data overload and being overwhelmed, leading to a loss of clarity. These pieces, resembling gemstones, engage in aperceptual game. The facets exist, but only in the mind—two-dimensional illusions brought to life through a mesmerising moiré effect. Each gemstone, uniquely cut, mirrors the diversity found in glitches. This collection challenges the conventional, merging the digital and the tangible. In this intersection, the real and the imagined dance, reshaping our understanding of traditional forms and inviting a new dialogue between perception and reality.

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