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Marble, onyx, reconstituted coral, cement, epoxy resin and stainless steel



Photos by Nima Ashrafi

Do you know how to draw a Shamse? (Islamic star pattern) Draw a horizontal line. put two points on it. draw two arcs with the radius of the points' distance, crossing each other. connect the intersection points of the Arcs with a perpendicular line to the horizontal base. Congrats you found the center point between your two points. Take one of the first points you drew on the horizontal line as the center and draw a circle with the radius to the intersection point of your perpendicular lines. Now take the intersection point of the arcs you drew at first as the center and draw another circle touching your first circle. make two more arcs under and find the sharing points, connect the points together... you will have a pentagon. copy the pentagon and mirror it on top of the first one, draw a circle around and connect the intersection points and create a constellation. If you measure the length and angles supposed to be.... OPS ... equal? No... Something went wrong. 

I thinkyou have to star-t over.

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