A jeweler’s work is usually viewed as a solitary work. However, if we pay attention, it draws larger circles: gemstones and precious metals come from diverse places, thus connecting us with the world. This is why our project for this year is called LOVE ROCKS.


The origin of this project started 3 years ago in 2019, as a part of Julia Obermaier’s graduation for her master’s thesis. One part of it was “The 6th C – Care”, in it she created a series of pins and 50% of the sales went to the social organisation Botswana Labour Migrants Association — BoLAMA. 


BoLAMA is a non-profit organisation that advocates for former diamond miners and their families, e.g., by giving them access to social security benefits. It started good but when the pandemic hit it affected them seriously. So now, as everything is re-opening again, we want to become bigger, louder and raise our voices for LOVE ROCKS. Let’s raise awareness and support those who are suffering for our benefits. 


50% of all our sales from the LOVE ROCKS collection goes to BoLAMA.