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made by Gina Nadine Müller

We are brought up with the belief that there is and will be a right one for us. Therefore, we put lots of pressure on ourselves for finding and choosing the right one. We are looking for it in everything, we evaluate things. The right one can only exist, if there is also a wrong one to compare it to, making it an excluding concept. Could there be more than one right one? Or is there no right one at all?


Wearing this necklace you can edit your right one later. The right one only exists in the virtual space, it is just as real as the ideal of the right one –the final decision is only made when the picture or video is published. So long as you decide it to be.



Pendant - shell, sterling silver, epoxie clay, paint - 2021

I invite you to join the discussion. You can use my image to make a statement about your personal view on the topic of the right one. You can use a photo editing software or app (e.g. PhotoLayers) to layer your own image behind mine and reveal YOUR RIGHT ONE. 

YOUR RIGHT ONE will be shared on social media and in a gallery on this webpage.

Share YOUR RIGHT ONE on Instagram with #yourrightone and tag @ginanadinemueller_schmuck

made by Julia, worn by Adriana.
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